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戴维森父子报关有限公司创始于1917年,是一家具有一百多年历史的家族企业。目前,我们公司由第四代家族成员威廉·比尔· 戴维森执行运营。

自从威廉·伯内特·戴维森创建了戴维森父子报关有限公司,我们的主要工作重心致力于帮助我们的客户遵守加拿大海关的规章制度,并使他们的清关经历顺畅无阻。在过去一个多世纪的企业运营中, 我们认识到,客户与我们之间的紧密关系是我们公司在商业竞争中获得成功的最为重要的基石。

戴维森父子报关有限公司是1970年成立的 DCCHBA(现称加拿大报关行协会 C.S.C.B) 的创始成员。作为加拿大报关行协会会员,我们可以及时了解加拿大边境服务局、加拿大税务局和其他政府部门最新出台并且有可能会影响到您企业经营的各项法律法规。另外,此会员资格也使我们能够及时掌握全球贸易谈判和倡议的最新动态。


CARM is now live

CARM is now live 150 150 [email protected]

CBSA’s CARM Release 1 is now live for Importers and can be accessed from the CARM Client Portal. We highly encourage you to register as an Importer as soon as possible and become familiar with the tools currently available. Note that we will be reaching out to you via the Portal in about 5-10 business days with a request to form a business relationship, which is where you can delegate authority to us as your customs broker. If you have any questions or do not receive our request, please co...

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CARM Client Portal Registration

CARM Client Portal Registration 150 150 [email protected]

  CARM Client Portal The CARM Client Port [“CCP”] is the central feature of the CARM project, which, once fully functional, will become the main communications interface between the CBSA and trade chain partners. Through the portal, users will have online self-service access to manage their customs transactions, including electronic submission of corrections and adjustments, applying for classification rulings, and the accounting and payment of any applicable duties, taxes and fees on their...

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