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We are your one-stop customs brokerage solution to importing and exporting vehicles from Canada, The United States, or overseas.

We are your one-stop customs brokerage...

Solution to importing and exporting vehicles to and from Canada. Whether you are looking to bring your car across the border or import a vehicle from overseas, Davidson & Sons can help! We offer a full range of services to suit every car owner’s needs. Our goal is to save you from time-consuming, frustrating experiences and to prevent costly mistakes that can be made throughout the process.

The first step in the process is to ensure your vehicle is admissible into Canada by visiting the Registrar of Imported Vehicles:

Between USA & Canada

Here are a few key steps to follow when importing an automobile, or other vehicle between Canada and the United States:

  • Ensure vehicle admissibility
  • Meet US Customs Border and Protection (CBP) documentation requirements
  • An export filing document must be filed on the US CBP Automated Export Services (AES)
    **AES filing needs to be done by a US company such as a customs broker or freight forwarder. Davidson & Sons can help you here! **
  • All documents need to be submitted to the CBP 72 hours prior to export
  • Ensure the car is clean and without soil in regulation of the CFIA
    Need from the Supplier:
  • Bill of Sale with the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), Make, Model, and Model Year
  • Physical Title with the back filled out showing the sale
  • The Engine Size (CC’s) and Engine Type (Gasoline or Diesel)
  • All original documents when crossing border

Importing from overseas

When importing a commercial or recreational vehicle into Canada from overseas, here a few key factors you need to know before your vehicle will be allowed entry by the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA):

  • The vehicle must be 15 years old or older. Anything newer is not admissible into Canada
  • The vehicle meets the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (MVSA) requirements
  • Meet the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) by ensuring the vehicle is clean and free of soil
  • Submit required documents to CBSA at first point of entry into Canada
  • Pay applicable taxes, RIV fee, duty, and excise taxes
    You will need from the supplier:

    • Sales Invoice (displaying all costs)
    • Export Certificate
    • Ocean Bill of Lading

We will handle all the paper work, domestic transportation, and necessary assistance in order to provide a smooth, efficient, and professional importation process.

Our Expertise Include:

  • Customs clearance of cars/vehicles into both Canada & US
  • Exporting to USA
  • Shipping from overseas
  • Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) imports
  • Right-Hand Drive (RHD) vehicles
  • National Freight Forwarding from Port of Entry

We're here to help.

Davidson & Sons combines over 100 years’ worth of expertise in customs brokerage, freight forwarding, vehicle imports, and film & entertainment. Contact us today for a free quote!