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Davidson & Sons

About Us

Davidson & Sons Customs Brokers Ltd. has been a family owned and operated company since 1917. Currently, it is run by fourth generation family member, William (Bill) Davidson.

Since William Burnett Davidson founded Davidson & Sons, our main focus has been taking the burden of customs compliance from our clients and making their experiences with Canada customs as seamless as possible. We have come to learn over the last century of operation that, above all else, our personal relationships with clients are what has been the foundation of our success.

Davidson & Sons were a founding member of the DCCHBA in 1970, known now as the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers. Membership in the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers (C.S.C.B) ensures immediate updates from CBSA, the Canada Revenue Agency and other Government departments pertaining to any regulations that may affect your business. It also allows us to stay up to date on global trade negotiations and new initiatives.


New import conditions for pet food from the USA

New import conditions for pet food from the USA 150 150 Davidson Sons

CFIA – Animal Import Permits / ACIA – Permis d’importation des animaux <CFIA-COA-ANIMA-ACIA-CDA@WWW.AGR.GC.CA> on behalf of CFIA Webmaster <CFIAMaster@INSPECTION.GC.CA>Mon 2021-03-29 8:02 AMTo: CFIA-COA-ANIMA-ACIA-CDA@WWW.AGR.GC.CA On April 13th, 2021 two new sets of import conditions will come into effect for pet food from the United States, one for heat-treated pet food, and one for raw/minimally heat-treated pet food. The conditions will be posted in the Automated Import Reference System (AIRS). To qualify for import as heat-treated pet food, the animal-origin ingredients must have undergone the following treatments: Egg ingredients: 57 °C for 27 minutes Poultry ingredients: 65 °C for 14 minutes, or…

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Safe Food for Canadians licence

Safe Food for Canadians licence 150 150 Davidson Sons

Reminder: Importing food into Canada with a Safe Food for Canadians licence As of March 15, 2021, food import transactions will automatically be rejected unless a valid Safe Food for Canadians (SFC) licence is entered in the Integrated Import Declaration (IID). If a transaction is rejected, the SFC licence holder may experience delays and have their related food shipment(s) held at the border until the error is addressed and the import transaction is resubmitted.  You must obtain your SFC licence to import before presenting your shipment at the border. You will not be able to obtain an SFC licence at the border.…

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