• CARM Release 1 is NOW LIVE. For more information regarding CARM Click Here.

  • May 25, 2021

CARM is now live

CARM is now live

CARM is now live 150 150 Davidson Sons

CBSA’s CARM Release 1 is now live for Importers and can be accessed from the CARM Client Portal.

We highly encourage you to register as an Importer as soon as possible and become familiar with the tools currently available.

Note that we will be reaching out to you via the Portal in about 5-10 business days with a request to form a business relationship, which is where you can delegate authority to us as your customs broker. If you have any questions or do not receive our request, please contact your Account Manager or email us here.

CBSA has released the below video to assist in creating your account: