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China’s New Manifest Requirements

On May 28 the CSCB sent a message about China’s new manifest requirements for imports to and exports from that country.

Customs brokers who are a “Notify Party” on a To Order export from China will now need to include their Business Number and Phone Number in the Notify Party field of a Bill of Lading. Note that this is only required on a To Order Bill of Lading.

CIFFA has provided Qs and As for their members and have kindly shared them with the CSCB.

Q: Is there a possibility that the implementation date of June 1, 2018 will be postponed?

A: It's very unlikely that the implementation date of June 1 will be postponed. The GACC Announcement No. 56 [2017] was proclaimed last year, so there has been a six-month period for airlines and forwarders to make preparations.

Q: What is the current status of implementation? Has GACC changed the declaration system accordingly?

A: GACC updated its declaration system on May 22 and is expected to be ready for June 1.

Q: Who needs to provide the new data elements?

A: In order to comply with China Customs Advanced Manifest (CCAM) requirements for import and export, Canadian exporters will be required to provide the information when booking cargo (marine) or completing ‘Shipper’s Letter of Instruction’ for air and so should obtain the mandatory information from buyers when (or before) orders are confirmed. Canadian importers should obtain the data when placing purchase orders. Forwarders should inform their customers accordingly.

Q: What is the mandatory data?

A: Several websites list the data elements required for both consignee and shipper: company name, company code, contact phone number and country code and notify party if To Order.

Q: What number is to be used for company code / enterprise number / organization code?

A: Well, considering that the ‘official list’ calls for a Canadian ‘Corporation Number’ (which unincorporated companies do not hold) or an ‘EIN’ (which Canadian companies do not hold), the general consensus is that Canadian companies will use a Business Number (BN). This meets the general requirement … “Business identifier for shipper, consignee and notify party; normally it will be the business registry or VAT registry at their home country.”

Q: Which parties need codes? Inbound to or outbound from China?

A: Inbound and outbound by air and marine. “Customs Measures on Inbound/Outbound Vehicles” (in GACC Decree No. 196), “Measures on Inbound/Outbound Vehicle Manifests” (in GACC Decree No. 172) and the regulations hereunder. Presumably Shipper, Consignee, Notify Party. … "Consignee Code", "Consignor Code", and "Notifier Code" requirements: "Consignee Code" and “Consignor Code" should be filled with actual consignee and consignor codes; if consignee is "To Order," then notifier data items are required (see annexes 1, 2, 35 and 37).

Q: Do we need to provide the data on the MAWB and/or on the carrier bill of lading, even for consolidations?

A: This is an area of confusion. In addition to the shipper / consignee information, many agents in China are requesting the freight forwarder (NVOCC) information, including the business identifier number to include on the MAWB / carrier bill of lading. So, Canadian forwarders may well have to provide their company BN to their agents in China for Chinese outbound shipments and include on the master bills for Canadian exports to China.


Article supplied by the CSCB


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